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Rules for the Average Trader

Trading is a game where the average trader loses money.  At least that is what we are often told.  I have no reason to doubt that this is a fact and so if you would like to be an average trader then you should read this article and play this game.  Of course the chances are that you will lose money.  If you don't like losing money then you might read this to see how to avoid playing the game of the average trader.

Power Saving Computing for Traders

Traders may have computers running for a fair part of the day and some have more than one. Usually it is thought that there is a need of a fairly powerful computer to run the windows necessary for charting, trading platform, and other applications incidental to the work that needs to be done but in fact this is not necessary at all. The large cases, 350 to 500 watt power supplies, fast processors and video cards all add up to a lot of power used, excess heat generated, noise of fans, and space to accommodate it all add up to inconvenience and unnecessary cost.

Jim Berg Volatility System

Jim Berg is a well known and successful trader who devised a way of trade entry and exit based on volatility.  It has been used with good success by many people.   Jim uses Metastock and so has given the code for this software.  This article shows how it can be used with AmiBroker.

Self Adjusting Portfolio Chart

It is important to keep a watch on the progress of your trading portfolio or Self Managed Supr Fund.  The best way of doint this is to see a chart of the value of the combined cash and shares in the account.  The problem is that, while it is easy enough to construct a chart in Excel, the chart will be distorted by deposits to or withdrawals from the account.

Fear and Trading

Fear can be irrational, unrecognised, and very damaging to good trading.  Learn about it with some suggestions on how to deal with it.