Therein Lies a Tail

This article presents a system that uses statistics of changing candlestick structures to create very tight stops for momentum trades. The main concepts are based on noise theory and price volatility and (as far as we know) are new trading concepts.

Dividend Cycling Strategy

Bob James has examined, broadened and backtested Margaret Laing's Dividend Strategy over years from before the GFC to the present. The focus is on cycling capital through equities in a way that that maximises and compounds the accumulation of dividends and franking credits.

Gap Trades via ASX Announcements

Will Kraa introduced the concept of trading Gaps on the daily Open in a Sunday TfaC meeting. The Gaps are stimulated by price sensitive announcements. Bob James has researched past instances of Announcements and Gaps and has created a spreadsheet tool to exploit them. John Andrews has created an AmiBroker indicator for displaying statistical properties of the Tails on Candles as potential Stops.


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