About TfaC

For many years a substantial group of active investors used to meet as Brisbane Sunday Traders. The meetings were usually held the first Sunday morning of each month and were mostly made up of people who subscribe to Alan Hull’s method of trading called Active Investing. Those who follow the rules of this method of managing their own investments find that they usually outperformed the market by a substantial margin without having to devote more than an hour or so on the weekend to the task of deciding what buying or selling needs to be done. Often there is nothing to be done.

As time went on a number of those attending became interested in organising meetings for sharing ideas regarding more active trading. Some meetings were held to see what the possibilities were.

It was decided to incorporate a club under Queensland jurisdiction so it can have its own funds and the protection of being an incorporated entity. To do this it would have to be a not-for-profit society and this means that members cannot derive benefits from any profits the club makes from trading. Seeing the aim was to help each other become better individual traders rather than profit from trading as a group, this was no problem and it was decided to donate any trading profits to charities.

After this decision was made one of the members suggested the name Traders for a Cause and it was unanimously decided to adopt this as the club name.

In April 2008 the incorporation was completed and soon after that the domain name tradersforacause.org.au was registered.

For those who wish to attend regularly it is necessary to join and the cost of annual membership is $10 which also gives access to the members' section of the website. It is a requirement of Incorporation to notify those intending to join that the club does not have Public Liability Insurance.

Meetings are held on a monthly basis at the New Farm Library meeting room to share ideas about trading including trading such instruments as CFDs and Forex. These meetings are free of charge.

All profits from dues are used to increase the size of the club trading account, make donations to charitable causes and profits derived from trading the club's account are distributed to charities.

Recent donations made are $2000 to Lions 'Need for Feed' and $2000 to QCWA Rural Crisis Fund. 

Will Kraa

President - Traders for a Cause Inc.