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Next meeting:   The next meeting is booked for Sunday 19 May 2024 

Time:  Starting at 9.30 am and finishing no later than 12 midday on Sunday 19 May.

Place:  New Farm Library Meeting Room,  135 Sydney Street, New Farm. When facing the Library the Meeting Room is on the left near the parking area.

Topics to be Discussed:
Backtesting of recently devised strategies.

Updates: Silver and Investing without Paying Capital Gains Taxes.


Sunday Meetings Booked at New Farm for 2024:       19 May,  23 June,  21 July,  18 August,  22 September,  20 October,  24 November,  22 December


No charge for attending





181007 Price/Volume Breakout: Steve Bertwistle has released the 46 panes from his recent talk on Will's Price/Volume Breakout system. The panes define Steve's version, method and results for the PV Breakout system.  The material is available on this link.

180919 Will has released "Simple Rules for Trading Trending Stocks". There is a writeup on this link.

171007 Update to Free DataBase: The codes for enhanced Fundamental Data and the large DataBase History have been upgradaded. See the top of page "AmiBroker Resources".

170822 Shorting Stocks using PT Triggers: The system package is available pro tem on the page "AmiBroker Resources". It is not yet finished but it will help those who want to make a start. It's the third entry on that page , with header "The Profit Taker Shorting Package".

170822 Create Database in AmiBroker: John's HowTo is available on the page "AmiBroker Resources". Look for para titled "Workshop 20 August 2017". 

170507 New version of Sigma Tails system : This version allows prosecuting Short Trades (as well as Long Trades): available on the Tails Page.

170424 Trading ASX cycles with the the ETFs GEAR and BBOZ : Will has tested a discretionary method to track cycles in the ASX 200 using the geared surrogates BBOZ and BEAR. He has provided a spreadsheet containing Rules and backtest results for the period January 2016 to April 2017.available on the ETF Page.

170302 Exchange Traded Funds by David Bassanese (BetaShares): David has provided a copy of the slides of the presentation (members only). available on the ETF Page

170217 Weekly Trading (Tails System): Will has provided Tools and Back-Tested results of a new Weekly Tails System. available here

170121 Results of Mean Reversion Trades on behalf of TfaC Clubavailable here.

170106 A Dividend Strategy update is available on the Div Strip page (thanks to Bob James): available here

161221 Error in coding V5 Indicators in Mean Reversion V5 systems: obtain the fix here

161129 Displaying Various Patterns in AmiBroker along with Pattern Statistics  [contributed by Michael Sester]: available here

161127 : Mean Reversion systems based on Connors and Alvarez book available here

161101 Haguro AmiBroker: John has made available a Haguro weekly indicator for AmiBroker (à la MetaStock "Expert Adviser"): available here.

61011 Exchange-Traded Funds: The content of the talk by Will Kraa on 9 October 2016 is available on the page Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
160611 Hardwired for Failure? A new snippet arising from the last Meeting has been lodged in the "Latest Content" section: available here.

160520 Price-Volume Breakout: Will has released results of backtesting over 2011-2016. Download the data on the PV Breakout page

160422 Price Volume Breakout: Will has upgraded the EOD Search file. Visit the download link on the PV Breakout page

160222 AmiBroker Workshop: John has upgraded the package to include issues from the Sunday Workshop. Visit the download link on the AmiBroker Resources page.

160116 Price-Volume: a revision of Will's Price-Volume Breakout system is now available on the PV Breakout page. It contains the backtesting spreadsheets, AmiBroker watch lists, rules and code version IV.

160104 Price-Volume: Johnn has put an optional new learning tool on the PV Breakout page. It allows viewing Will's backtested positions in AmiB candle charts with the future blanked out on decision days (the PV trigger and the EOD Exit decision day). [originally 151213 upgraded 160116]

151117 John's Line: the code for John's Index Filter has been upgraded to V05 in advance of the Workshop on Sunday 22 November. See the Volatility-Based Index Filter page.

151102 Price Volume: Will has provided a package relating to the Price Volume breakout strategy showcased in the November meeting. It is available for download on the PV breakout page.

151029 John and Will have upgraded the search code for finding 40-Day Highs and 40-Day Lows. Version 2 can now be downloaded from the AmiBroker Resources page.
150915 Will has demonstrated using CRSI tools for a Short Trade in STO. You will find it date-highlighted in red halfway down the pagTools & Tactics for Trading the ConnorsRSI System. It's an active trade using the TfaC account.
150819 John has revised the package for his Volatility-Based Index Filter. The new package can be downloaded from the Volatility-Based Index Filter page.
150719 Bob has revised the package for the Dividend Cycling System. The new package can be downloaded from the Dividend Cycling page.
150705 John has added two files to the Sigma Tails System page. You'll find the Rules Will discussed today and also the altered CRSI indicator for ST there.
150608 John and Will provided material from the June monthly meeting. Follow this link to the bottom of that page.

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